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Farmers Around the World

Farmers Around the World

As passionate as we are about good coffee, we are equally impassioned by ensuring that our coffee farmers are able to forge a satisfactory life. Numa wants to set the standard by continuing to work towards our vision of improving the lives of farmers while providing hubs of winsome and positive influence in major communities around the globe. By investing in the well-being of farmers globally, Numa’s fair trade coffee is not only delicious, but also ethically sourced.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for coffee farmers to only earn 10 cents for every dollar spent on their coffee. While we dream of a world where one day, all coffee farmers can earn a viable income, we are proud to support our farmers in the Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, and Sumatra regions. Each region offers differing climates, characteristics, and roasts. 


Guatemala’s city of Huehuetenango is unique because it is exceptionally dry. This dryness, accompanied by the hot winds of the Tehuantepec Plain creates the perfect combination for quality coffee. In a land filled with mountains and volcanoes, intense altitudes and the resulting sediment create a smooth, yet spicy taste. To say the flavors that come about are special is an understatement. Furthermore, coffee sourced from this region allows for rich, chocolatey, nutty notes accompanied by citrus aromas. Even though the region is particularly remote and isolated, farmers are able to build mills and streams all over. 

Coffee sourced from Guatemala can be found in these Numa roasts: Guatemala, Espresso, House Blend, and our Full Line Sample Box.


Producing medium roast blends, accompanied with fruit-oriented notes, Nicaragua is notorious for its family-owned farms. Clustered in Asociación Aldea Global Jinotega (Aldea Global), this iconic region is surely doing good for the local and global community. In recent years, Aldea Global has focused on investing in programs that promote and support gender equality and small businesses. 

The Global Manager of Aldea Global prides the collection of farmers for serving as “a vital link to better livelihoods for our members.” By focusing on the environment and gender equality, Global Aldea has found great internal and external success with its 6,200 coffee farmers.

Looking for consistent, balanced, and refreshing coffee? Check our roasts sourced from Nicaragua: Nicaragua, Breakfast Blend, and our Full Line Sample Box.


When it comes to sourcing coffee in Peru, Numa is proud to do so. Emerging in 2000, APROCASSI is a collection of hundreds of smallholder coffee farmers throughout the nation. Peru is a huge hub for mining, as the country produces the second largest amount of copper and gold, among other minerals. Therefore, a large portion of Peru is employed in mining, which often makes for a dangerous, exhausting, and low-paying career. 

APROCASSI is special, though. The association allows an alternative option to the tough mining industry. Through its work, APROCASSI ensures coffee grown by its farmers is sold at fair prices. Consequently, the organization is able to train farmers, purchase specialty equipment, and provide professional opportunities, among other services.

To enjoy Peruvian, fair-trade coffee, check out Numa’s Peru Roast, French Roast, Breakfast Blend, and Full Line Sample Box.


Grown in the Aceh Region, this region’s coffee process can be described in one word: sustainable. The Coop, a group of coffee farmers in Peru spans across 37 villages consisting of more than 2,000 members. Farmers’ plots of land are absent of any herbicides or pesticides. Composting is limited to organic methods. 

Not only is this coffee sustainably and ethically sourced, but it’s delicious and bold. Sumatra roasts include nutty notes, accompanied by a woody flavor and cocoa aromas. Check out our Sumatra roast, just one of our many roasts where Sumatra coffee can be found.

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