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A medium roasted coffee with the aroma of chocolate and cocoa with notes of walnut and a woody, toasty flavor.

This is one coffee not for the faint of heart. It’s bold and flavorful. This coffee’s intensity and flavor are good to the last drop and the earthy aroma can be distinguished from the rest. Roasted from Indonesian Arabica beans, this coffee will surely leave a lasting impression in your head.

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Permata Gayo sources its coffees in the Aceh Region. The Coop was founded in 2006 by a group of 50 farmers from 5 different villages in the Benner Meriah district. Today their coffee is cultivated in 37 affiliated villages in and around this district by over 2,100 members. Members process and market over 60% of their products through their own processing facilities and export arm while selling the remaining volumes to other exporters. The majority of the members of the cooperative are smallholder farmers, whose plot sizes don’t exceed 2-5 hectares of land. The production process followed on the farm is fully organic with no application of chemical herbicides or pesticides. They only apply compost to guarantee soil fertility from year to year through the use of livestock manure, green waste, and red cherry skin. Permata Gayo’s coffee is processed at their facilities in the Takengon area (in the mountains).
Once the coffee is at 13% moisture it is trucked to their Medan warehouse where it is dried to 12%, then graded and loaded in containers. Permata Gayo’s coffee remains traceable to the village it came from throughout this process.

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