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Shop now and get FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $49!

About Numa Coffee Co.

Numa Coffee Co. is a family-owned and operated coffee roaster located in Michigan.

Numa’s Beginning

At the beginning of 2021, during the middle of the pandemic, Numa’s owner, Dan, found himself at a crossroads within the IT company he had founded 8 years prior. At the same time and due in large part to his Christian faith, he was experiencing a growing need to find a way to have a greater positive impact on the lives of others.

Through some conversations and “divine” coincidences, Dan, along with his wife and daughters were afforded an opportunity to start a business doing something they had a passion for and that could truly be used to enrich the lives of the people in their community and communities around the world. As a result, Numa Coffee Co. was born. Its purpose is to love people just like Jesus taught us to do.

numa [noo-mah]


A) Meaning “spirit”, “breath”, or “breath of life” in Greek
B) An awesome coffee company on a mission to make an impact

Our Mission

Cultivating Human Flourishing Through Serving (Great Coffee)

Numa’s desire is to use high-quality, specialty coffee as a vehicle for improving the lives of farmers and their communities and, at the same time, bring people together to connect, create, discuss, debate, and enrich each other’s lives. If at the end of the day, the farmers who provide our coffee, the customers who drink it, and the team members who serve it, are made better because of their relationship with Numa – then we have been successful.

Numa’s Core Values

The following qualities are not just clever sentiments, they represent our organization’s highest priorities. These statements are the heart of what Numa Coffee Co. and its employees stand for.

  • Measure Success by the Golden Rule

    Everything we say and do is measured against the question ‘Is this how I would want to be treated?’. If not, then we don’t do it. We seek to be people of integrity in every action.

  • Prioritize People Over Profits

    We will serve the people that come across our path to the best of our ability at all times. While being a profitable business is important for our future growth and stability, it is secondary to the well-being of the people around us.

  • Show Unconditional Love

    We will love our customers, co-workers, and community unconditionally because we are truly better when we stand together. We may not all think alike, but we will always strive to listen to each other and seek common ground, wherever possible.

  • Focus on What's Best and What's Next

    Mediocrity and status-quo are not in our vocabulary. We will be focused on delivering excellence in our products and experiences while also leading our industry with the processes and technologies we utilize.

Our Vision

Numa wants to be known as the model for improving the lives of farmers who grow our coffee along with providing hubs of winsome and positive influence in every major community around the globe.

Dan Mayer – Owner, Numa Coffee Co.

Our Impact