Shop now and get FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $49!

Shop now and get FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $49!

Making a Difference

We have a big vision to become known as the model for improving the lives of the farmers who grow coffee, the customers who drink coffee, and the people who serve coffee–while providing a positive influence in every major community around the globe.

Caring for Our Growers

That is why our Fair Trade coffees are grown, harvested, and sold at internationally mandated prices that guarantee small farmers a viable living within the global coffee marketplace.

But for us, Fair Trade is a starting point, not the finish line. We are working to build relationships directly with our farmers, learn their needs (financially and otherwise), and then ensure those needs are met.

About Our Growers

Caring for Our Planet

Our goal is to provide delicious Fair Trade coffee to our customers and all of our coffee is roasted to order, so it is never stale. Our coffees are grown without pesticides or chemical processes. This allows for diverse ecosystems, cleaner, more efficient irrigation systems, and healthier, more resistant crops.

All of our coffees are shade grown at a high altitude. Shade-grown coffee takes longer to ripen which contributes to more complex flavors. The result is a coffee that has a more balanced consistency, unlike “high production coffee” which is planted in full sun and the results are a bitter coffee flavor and flat taste.

Additionally, whenever possible, we seek to purchase coffee that helps protect our rainforests too, which in turn protects the creatures and cultures that depend on them. Currently, one of our coffees (Sumatra) is Rainforest Alliance certified.

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