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A medium roasted coffee blend with the aroma of chocolate and vanilla bean with notes of citrus, brown sugar, and dark chocolate.

Just like the diverse geographical region of mountains and jungles it hails from, our Peru is a coffee that is bursting with notes of citrus and chocolate, while also bringing a subtle woodsy quality that you can’t quite put your finger on.

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This cooperative of smallholder coffee farmers is located in San Ignacio, within the department of Cajamarca. APROCASSI exclusively commercializes coffee on behalf of more than 400 associated farmers, giving residents an alternative to employment in the mining industry. Founded in 2000 the cooperative’s main task is to increase the well-being of its members by selling their coffee in the national and export markets at fair prices. The Fair Trade premiums have been reinvested into APROCASSI’s member farmers in the following ways: Harvest and Post-Harvest training on soil rehabilitation, organic production, etc.; Equipment purchases & Environmental stewardship; Home improvements; Education programs covering topics such as nutrition and sanitation are provided to members & APROCASSI finances a school that provides members the opportunity to study finance and management.

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