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3 Common Myths About Flavored Coffee

3 Common Myths About Flavored Coffee

In a society considerably more coffee-crazed than ever, the variations of the centuries-old drink are infinite. Hot, cold, sweet, bitter, caffeinated, decaffeinated– the options are simply endless. Yet, when it comes to flavored coffee, there’s a frenzy of false information regarding the matter. At Numa, one thing is for sure: we serve great coffee for an even greater purpose. With 1 billion coffee drinkers globally, it’s hard to not speculate upon coffee’s numerous features. That’s why we’re here to unpack the common myths surrounding flavored coffee.

Myth: Unflavored coffee beans are just as messy as beans with added flavors when ground.

Fact: Flavored coffee is extremely messy. The process in which these beans get their flavor deals with the addition of artificial oils after roasting occurs. As a result, the oils elicit the newly ground coffee to clump together. Consequently, excessive residue is left behind in the grinding process and the grinder itself will never return to its original state. Instead, it becomes nearly impossible to clean completely. The resulting residue can even seep into ground coffees in the future. Not only does the often expensive grinder undergo damage, but future coffees will feel the effects as well.

Myth: Flavored coffee is equally as healthy as unflavored coffee.

Fact: Flavored coffee is extremely unhealthy, as a result of its artificial and synthetic nature. A majority of flavored coffee contains propylene glycol, a chemical solvent. Propylene glycol is quite literally not made for that of human consumption. Instead, its most popular utility function is its form of antifreeze. This explains the extreme shine on artificially flavored coffee beans in stores. In fact, these beans are often stale. Coffee beans are at their peak freshness from 4-10 days. However, when companies mask the beans with artificial oils and flavors, the staleness becomes hard to taste. These beans have the potential to be months old, even years old in some cases. Everyone deserves a fresh cup of coffee–free of staleness and additives!

Myth: Flavorful coffee is only possible with already flavored beans

Fact: Coffee beans, themselves, are already diverse in flavor. In their natural state, beans have a variety of flavors, dependent on varying factors, such as region and climate. From nutty to fruity to earthy notes, the organic, non-processed flavors of coffee beans are vast. A majority of Numa customers find that our coffee far surpasses coffee they’ve had in the past, fully eliminating the need to add anything to it at all!  However, if any coffee fans are looking for that touch of sweetness in their morning coffee, turn to these healthier alternatives:

By utilizing these natural alternatives, coffee drinkers are preserving not only their own health, but the health of roasters who often encounter toxic ingredients when working with artificial chemicals.

At Numa

With every coffee bean ethically and sustainably sourced, Numa knows what it means to produce good coffee. From our Mountain Medley roast to our Sumatra roast, our Fair Trade coffee is always fresh, natural, and free of anything artificial. We do not need to add anything to our coffee; it speaks for itself. Check out our fresh roasts here–